Next Google PageRank Updates – 2010

What is Google PageRank Update?

Google PageRank update, as the name suggests, means updation of your PageRank by Google, i.e updating your website’s old PageRank and assigning your website a new Google PageRank.
Though the update of PR does not have significant effect on Google rankings, but still people anxiously wait for the update.

Pagerank have a range from 0-10. A site with PR 0 is least important and the site with PageRank 10 is the most important in the eye of Google.

Google PageRank Update for the year 2010

Last PageRank (PR) Update 31 December 2009
First 2010 PageRank (PR) Update 31 March – 3 April 2010
Second 2010 PageRank (PR) Update 30 June – 31 July 2010
Third 2010 PageRank (PR) Update 31 December – 3 January 2011

Check Page Ranking is a free tool to check your Google PR.

Posted by admin in SEO on 11th Mar, 2010


  1. Vusal

    Nice information, thanks!
    Time for building backlinks for my website, at least to get PR 1 on 31 of June.

  2. Page Rank is more about visual candy & a cursory value estimate of a site as it is really only effective in determining the value of a link coming From that page than any ranking determiner of the page itself.

    Much more important, but not publicly seen, is Google’s internal TrustRank of a site.

  3. It’s september and no pagerank update for june-july

  4. admin

    Google updates it’s Page Ranks every 3-4 months and my article was the base for such unconfirmed rumors. Well, Google does not give any press release for PR updates though.
    Last PR update was in April, so my guess went for end of july; but i was not right :|

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