PHP Anthem

PHP finally has an anthem.

via Chris Shiflett


Oh yeah. (Oh yeah.)
(Just one day it just hits you all of a sudden. It’s just like…)

Oh yeah, I’m so PHP this year.
Got a mic in the left, and ‘n the right, cold beer.
Compile that Apache.
Now we got version 5 and two chicks laid out in the back seat.
Yeah, sometimes the code looks a little trashy.
But, this ain’t ColdFusion.
Stop talking sassy, and pull up them panties.

I’m really… I’m just saying; why don’t you go check out the API reference docs.
They’re really good.
(They are.)

Is it underline or CamelCase?
I can’t remember; I’ve been busy poundin’ cakes.
It’s what PHP developers do.
We get more booty than you.
Don’t be jealous when you smell us; check the Boolean dude, it reads…

(Oh yeah.)
Check the Boolean dude; it reads true.
(Oh yeah.)
PHP gets more booty than you.
(Oh yeah.)
Check the Boolean dude; it reads true.
(Oh yeah.)
PHP gets more booty than you.
(Oh yeah.)
Check the Boolean dude; it reads…

True, PHP gets more booty than you,
but we still keep it clean.
MySQL really real wrappin’ all strings.
Filter input like it was a herpes strain.
(You know what I’m saying?)
That’s why we got the STD class.
Objects we pass might need to be trashed.
Girl, what you doin’?

Come gunzip this.
Be my witness as I strip this string of all slashes.
Now, I got what I need.
No traversing my filesystem when you ain’t supposed to be.
That’s how it is rolling with PHP.
All the hot chicks, yeah, they love PHP.
(It’s so true.)
(Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.)


(Yo, yo, tell ‘em about it.)

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.
It’s real out here.
Somebody better call the mod_security officer.
My concern is for those weak half-assed scripting languages.
The ones that can’t hang with us.
It’s strange, but they get hanged and remain in dust.
Some aren’t quite dead and still remain a pain to us.

PHP’s got more muscle.
In a nutshell, nothing’s quite like it.

Predicted by the ancient cultures and the psychics.
The ones who dreamt in recursive states.
Whispering premonitions of open source community gates.

(Oh yeah…)


Firefox 3.7 is now Firefox 4.0 Beta 1, free to Download!

The Mozilla developers have released the beta version of upcoming Firefox 4.0 web browser. You might know that this version was suggested as Firefox 3.7 previously and has now been renamed to Firefox 4.0.

A release date of the final version of Firefox 4 is expected somewhere at the end of this year.

firefox 4 beta

firefox 4 beta

Firefox 4.0 has a new interface design and some new improvements:

  • browser tabs are now on top of the address bar by default
  • menu bar has been replaced by Firefox button (Vista & Windows 7 only)
  • the stop and reload buttons have been merged into a single button
  • the bookmarks Toolbar has been replaced with a bookmarks button
  • new add-ons manager, which is not completely available in the beta release. It is for instance not possible to search for and install add-ons directly from the manager.
  • some HTML5 capabilities have been improved, with support for web standards such as WebM video and other HMTL5 related features

You may find more information about Firefox 4.0 by visiting the official release notes page.

Download Firefox 4.0 Beta 1

Crazy Scroll Clock

What can you do with div overflows when you are bored.


Yes, it blends!

The hit series of online “Will It Blend?” videos now includes the iPad.

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Next Google PageRank Updates – 2010

What is Google PageRank Update?

Google PageRank update, as the name suggests, means updation of your PageRank by Google, i.e updating your website’s old PageRank and assigning your website a new Google PageRank.
Though the update of PR does not have significant effect on Google rankings, but still people anxiously wait for the update.

Pagerank have a range from 0-10. A site with PR 0 is least important and the site with PageRank 10 is the most important in the eye of Google.

Google PageRank Update for the year 2010

Last PageRank (PR) Update 31 December 2009
First 2010 PageRank (PR) Update 31 March – 3 April 2010
Second 2010 PageRank (PR) Update 30 June – 31 July 2010
Third 2010 PageRank (PR) Update 31 December – 3 January 2011

Check Page Ranking is a free tool to check your Google PR.

Almost there

almost there

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